Saving Money On The Move!

Have you just bought a new space to move in or signed the lease for an apartment you’ve been longing for since a long time? If yes, you might find yourself looking at vintage and creative pieces of art or furniture to adorn your home rather than spending money on boring moving boxes.

Moving is an expensive process once we calculate the expenses – hiring professional movers that ensure quality services including loading, packing, etc. without breaking our valuable stuff, housing deposits and many more miscellaneous costs. We also keep finding a few little tasks every day appearing from nowhere costing an additional hundred pounds more until we are properly settled.

There are a few steps we can take to plan and implement a reasonable and affordable move.

List Everything Down

The first step to be taken is to write everything down! Always keep a notepad and keep listing things down. Advantage – you will remember everything! Writing things down save a lot of hassle and chaos at the eleventh hour. The best thing you can do is by going into each room of your home and start listing things down. Don’t forget to add all the furniture items or any special notes for the things that need cautious handling.

Pick A Weekday

Try your best not to move on the weekend or at the end or middle of the month. Those days are the busiest for all proficient movers, and it will get tough for you to get a hold of a good mover. When you choose to move on the day when demand is not on the rage, you will get a better price which will save you money.

Get Used Boxes

The next step is collecting material to pack your stuff. Buying packing essentials include cardboard boxes of sizes matching your needs. You can get used boxes from book stores or liquor boxes that have compartments and are durable. Before getting them, it is essential to check that they are clean and capable enough to hold weight. It's best to get stackable boxes which will save up space in the new location.

Utilise Old Newspapers

An excellent way to save money is to bring all the old newspapers to use for packing. For all your fragile or easily breakable goods, utilise the newspapers before packing into the boxes! It can be used for wrapping as well as stuffing.

The above tips will help you move stress-free, and save up! The bottom line is to pre-plan and think smartly about where you can save, and leave stuff that you don’t need (even if you like them.)

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