Convenient Steps to Take When Moving Out of Your College Dorm

As the finals are around the corner, the time you actually get up and start packing is also here. With that, moving out of your dorm or college apartment is also approaching. Putting packing always at last, the most tedious task is still unfinished and yet to carry out, adding additional stress and responsibility on your shoulders. Now that the busiest time of the year is here, we have made a list below to help you do the packing and moving with ease.

Cleaning Your Dorm Room

We all know there is no such thing as a clean college dorm or apartment. Therefore, to finally start doing the job to move, you need to have a vacuum, broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, a pair of gloves, cleaning wipes, and paper towels. Sort out your stuff, use the tools, and witness the magic!

Get the Boxes and Pack It All

After cleaning, get ready to pack your stuff for moving or storage. To save your money, head to the book stores for buying used boxes. If those aren’t available, you can get new boxes from a local moving company. It is recommended to get small boxes for heavy items and a few medium and large-sized boxes for the rest of the things.

Storage or Hauling?

All ready to head back home for the summer? Now what to do about the furniture and other massive items? There are two options – either move to storage, or haul everything home, and haul it back again, or choose storage, and find a way to get your belongings to storage. In that case, it is better to rent a truck or use a trucking company after deciding which one will best match your circumstances. If you choose to haul it home first, find a reputable moving company with satisfactory feedback.


Giving your stuff to needier is never a bad idea. If there’s any item that is in good condition, but you feel you don’t need it anymore, can be given to less privileged. It will not only make packing and moving easier for you by reducing the number of your items, but also help others in need.

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