Avoiding Injuries During Your Move

When planning to move, we have tons of tasks to do. Even after extensive planning and scheduling, there are little things we find here and there that we immediately need to get done. We often carelessly lift or carry heavy things without preparation that end up causing us pains and injuries, some lasting longer than others.

The hassle that it is, moving can cause stress and strain on your body. To avoid hospital visits and doctors, we have listed down steps to make your transition a safe and harmless one.


Moving is no less than physical activity. So before starting lifting those boxes, let’s not forget to give our bodies a good stretching. A few minutes of stretching before the real grind can ensure that your muscles and ligaments are warmed up and ready to start!

Dressing Appropriately

Wearing a proper outfit can help avert injuries. It's best to wear closed shoes, long sleeves, and full pants to keep your arms and legs safe. Gloves are crucial to not just protect your hands but also for a good grip on items.

Clearing Your Path

An essential thing to do is to always make sure your path is cleared when moving heavy boxes. If you move boxes through an obstacle on the floor, what will come next is nothing but adversity. It will make you trip and fall along with the box, creating a mess and a stressful situation.

A Big No to Overstuffing Boxes

A lot of people keep stuffing items into the box until there’s no space left to avoid increasing the number of boxes and utilising space to the fullest. It might get you into trouble on the moving day when you’ll be required to lift them into a truck, and out of the truck into your new space. Therefore, it’s best to pack only what you are able to lift conveniently, typically under 50 pounds.

Have the Proper Materials

Your glass and ceramic items must be wrapped in a bubble wrap or newspaper for extra protection. If fragile items are not packed properly, they might break during lifting and cause cuts and injuries.

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